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03 May 2007

I suspect ...

...that I am sick.

The disease is "Social networking fatigue" -i.e. burned out of networking (the freshest of buzzwords). I can feel the stress of having a gazillion accounts on as many forums and websites (Myspace, Frappr, Blogger, Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, Skype and so on and so forth) all of which are being negleted to some degree.

But than again. I am gripping at straws. I'd better aim at another buzzword if I want to be "hip".
I chose "the proper work-life-blend". Balance is overrated. Chaos is the thing to aim for. With an appropriate work-life-blend. It might become a problem if work almost equals life. But that shouldn't be a problem for me. Life is only a shade and so is work.


  1. dakort jam! Me verte njeriu eshte kafshe sociale, po gjella me kripe... :)

  2. remarkable description..loved it !

  3. @ Strangeman: kam frike se se shpejti njeriu do te klasifikohet si kafshe informtike :(

    @ Eni: Thanks hon !

  4. ktu ku jam un jemi akoma ne nivelin kafshe :):(