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28 March 2014

On a day like this

On a day like this, just like on any other random day, focus is on words. The said words. The unsaid. The unwrotten. Mainly the unwrotten. Words run through my head and I wish I could catch them and write them down. So many blog posts have dissapeared just because the flow of words writing them in my head never made it to a page or a device or a computer.
I can hear them in my head. Running around. Messing up. Wanting out. Wanting to be read with the proper flow, with the right intonation, the exact diction they deserve. Never actually making it outside of my head. It's a sad story that of the words. Indeed.

Alas it's sadder if they make it out. In dissarray like now. Because autocorrect will mess them up. And they'll forget why they were released. Like now. They wanted to say they are willing to stay.
On this blog. For a while. To reconnect. To disconnect. 

We'll see if this word therapy will work where previous efforts have failed.

Glad and sad to be back. In the corner I made to myself.

PS: autocorrect is a piece of art. Myself= myseldning previous= preciös. I forgot the other stunningly=stuvningen incorrect occurrences I met while writing these few lines. Never mind. 

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