You are exactly where you need to be, You are not missing out, falling behind, doing it wrong, not trying hard enough. Whatever opinions you may have about it, however imperfect. THIS IS YOURS WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW IS P E R F E C T !

21 October 2014

I know

I don't know what makes me happy
as odd as it sounds.
I don't feel I know
what makes me tick right now.

I'm not sure I can ask it of you
To help me grow
As you're stuck in your own
Status quo

I know
Today the paths depart
And some day maybe
You'll grow a stronger heart
One that could bear the thought
Of time apart
One that could even cherish
A brand new start

Ps: As they say in Sweden hjärta-smärta (heart-pain) rhimes appeal to people. I'd actually say heart-fart rhimes appeal to people.

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