You are exactly where you need to be, You are not missing out, falling behind, doing it wrong, not trying hard enough. Whatever opinions you may have about it, however imperfect. THIS IS YOURS WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW IS P E R F E C T !

22 March 2017


The words you use
the words you hide
They tell a tale of high & might.

The words you hide
the words you use
They tell the tale of the abuse.

The words you learn
Those you forget
They tell the tale of your regret.

The ones forgotten
Than relearned
They do speak volumes of your yearns

The words you got
The words you left
The story shows how much they meant

The words you left
The new you got
Can't be no else by real growth.

The words I sent
This message with
They wanted out. Wanted to breath.

Go find YOUR words
Now if you please.
Let them tell you the things you miss.

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