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22 January 2007

Serotonin,dopamin, testosteron, estrogen ...

Featuring a full scale headache due to being one of the hosts of a 10:00-16:30 lecture on trade unions, pertintent legislation on employment and such, practical adaptation of the abovementioned as well as forms of cooperation with the employer; I am just coming to terms with the fact that there is no warm cup of java in the world that could relieve the headache.

So.. instead of bludgeoning my brain with new "insights" and topics, I chose to dwell on an article I read.

Basically, we (people) are "run" by the concentration of one of four substances in our bodies.
These substances are Serotonin, dopamin, testosteron, estrogen.

Serotonin makes for practical people who are balanced, social, have a plentitude of close friends, are lojal,hard workin and "traditional".

Dopamin makes for adventurous people who crave news, are quite energetic, disrespectful, get a rush of off taking chances and are easily bored.

Testosterone (typical male hormon) makes for leaders who love decisionmaking, are analytical, logical, can focus on a particular aim. The leaders however lack in human "knwledge".

Estrogen (the typical femal hormon) makes for mediators. People who are symathetic, not self centered, well articulated, cohesive, considerate and tend to put others before themselves.

And now to todays punch line...

Ain't it ridiculous that instead of being a leader or an adventurer or a even practical person I had to bloody be a MEDIATOR

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  1. ha ha ha hoqe dore nga te gjitha dhe u bere Mediator he:))
    nice irony in here:)I liked it:)