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06 January 2007


Ok, this is going to be my third effort at this.
Basically nothing has changed from the previous efforts. Or rather I guess I have become even more stubborn and the fact that I ain't got particularly much of relevance to say doesn't bother me quite as much. So, I'm gonna give this a try once more. Prolly will I give up once more just as people who try to quit smoking do. I mean there is no effort in quitting they have already done it several times. For me it will be no effort to start blogging. I have done it several times before .....

If anyone wonders what makes it so darn difficult to keep posting ..oh, well I guess the most difficult to do is to evaluate all the bloody time weather I will write in english, albanian or swedish while I use several references to italian, latin, bulgarian och other lanugages I have an insignificant knowledge of. The next most difficult to do is to decide which of the trillion thoughts that rush through my head are worth re-producing for "other" eyes to read.

But than again here comes a new effort at it all.

Shqip: Posti i pare i proves se trete.
Svenska: tja jag tror knappast att det här kommer att bli en välbesökt blogg men det kanske bli dagboken jag har glömt att uppdatera de senaste åren med annat än mötestider och "produkt" sammanfattningar.