You are exactly where you need to be, You are not missing out, falling behind, doing it wrong, not trying hard enough. Whatever opinions you may have about it, however imperfect. THIS IS YOURS WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW IS P E R F E C T !

26 February 2007

The world is not enough...

If you feel like an adrenaline junkie than there is no hope that you will ever be satisfied.-
Personally, I feel like an adrenaline junkie since neither all I have (love included) nor all I can have (neverending success stories) satisfies me right now.
I crave the world ...hmm no hold the horses ...Not even the world is enough!

In case you find this post weird and awkward it's cause I am testing the e-mail blogging "potential" (and failing miserably att posting via e-mail).

Two of my favorite quotes:
- All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, than sucess is guaranteed. - Mark Twaine
- If people talk behind your back, it only means that you are two steps ahead.- Jack Reno



  1. kot s'thone qe grate/vajzat s'kenaqen asnjehere... :P

  2. me mire me mos u kenaq se pastaj ngelesh ne vend numero me kerkesat e tua:)

  3. kjo thenia e dyte po me pelqeka