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30 March 2007


Ode to a warm May day ! 2K!
I see regal white marble stairs.

In my ears the buzz of people (perhaps a thousand altogether) and the tunes of "Gaudeamus Igitur".

A proccesion of proper men and women including Eastergard (with the amazing punchlines and anecdotes) , Erdinc ( you can take a turk to America but she'll want back), Anna M.R. Dean (third in the world in her kind), Kelbetcheva (history can not be), Durst ( always hot), Philips (amazing how some people can be so special and so cunning), Mutafchiev (all things in life are normally distributed even looks), Dedominicis (one might sound petty and yet be appreciated and successful), Mailer (everything is global/jewish) .

A picture taken with the massive glass building on the back and the reflection of Alen Mak on the sunglasses. Together.

The reminiscing retrospect is for my friend "Diana 7".
Gary the barman that liked to entertain himself in underground suprising unsuspecting roommates.

A picture with the lions (after S'birthday post D -Georgie).
Pre-evening eating at Napoli and dinner at Kuklite. Sorting your thoughts at Amnezia.
Post Graffitti "sas mllogo mlecna"-said Laje.
...Those were not the days. They are still memories.


  1. To Eda just so she knows there is life (pretty ok one at that) after aub.

    To "ladyD" so she knows there is something about telepathy and coincidences that can not be quantified.

    To Bleri so she knows I got the pictures and have seen them. ST Patricks sounded fun.

  2. hahaha:)

    Nga komenti qe kishe lene tek blogu im ma morri mendja pak a shume qe kishe studiuar ketu :)

    faleminderit per shijoi vertete shume....


    ps. gezohem qe u njohem ;)

  3. S'po bej shume komente...
    Me duket se piktura ishte me dhi. Jo me luane:P
    Ose ndjesite ndryshojne realitetin.
    Me pelqeu shume batuta per Mutafchiefin.
    Dhe shprehja ishte "mlogo smlecna"-nga nje deshmitar okular:-)
    So long...

  4. Sorting your thoughts at Amnesia...
    THAT's something!!! Truer than it sounds though...

    Sallate Kolorado anyone? Si shpjegohet qe me gjithe perberjen shume te thjeshte, nuk me del kurre aq e mire? Mgjs kam 5 vjet pa e provuar:P


  5. Ylli flm per pershendetjen edhe pse me vonese e lexova .
    Je fantastike , madje u emocionova kur e lexova, nostalgjia e viteve te shkolles dhe momenti i pare i shfaqjes se ketij nicku. Te kujtohet?:)
    te puc

  6. @ Eda: Jo pak a shume po fiks fare :P

    @Kozi; C'na e kujton Koloradon dhe ti o ...shoqe. Apo ngaqe e di qe une i mbaj mend vetem emrin dhe faktin qe me shijonte shume.

    Pastaj c'e kishe kete 'nuk po bej shume komente'. Une per komente te thirra :P
    U perpoqa ti permbledh po nuk ja arrita dhe doja ndihme.

    Pikturen(-at) te shoh nese i skanoj si keto dy te tjerat. Me duket se kemi dhe me dhi dhe me luane dhe me majmune :)

    @ Capri: Sigurisht qe me kujtohet.
    Those were the times of 'make believe'.
    Pershendetje e perqafime edhe ty.
    Dhe mos lexo vetem poezite por edhe keto haberet e tjera.