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23 May 2007

Mail order

I feel like throwing away my wardrobe (same feeling on and off every season) and ordering something new. It's sunny outside and although the days are getting longer my shopping at a leisurely pace time is down to the bare "buy lunch and fix a present for the next family/social/work obligation"- 20 min minimum. So...I've made up my mind to order some new, bold, fashion pieces.

The skirt for one is a keeper. The shirt I'm not quite sure yet but it feels ok.
The shoes I definitely don't need (got my even higher heels stash from home and I'm sticking to them.) And yeah in case you are interested the clothes are from Nelly


  1. dukeshkan te lezetshme trego se çfare do te marresh me foto po nuk pertove:)

  2. I hear you girl. Work has kept me busy and haven't had a chance to go shopping, but i've made the plan, this coming sunday i'm going for sure and shop till i drop:))

  3. elais te pershendes me kete :

  4. mail ordering, i hate it. i always seem to have a few extra curves the designers never think to include.
    love the skirt though. good luck

  5. @ eni: I'll try.
    @ belle: I envy you. My weekend is full of prior engagements with relatives :(
    @ Tena: E lezetshme:) Too bad I don't usually wear white otherwise it would have been a nice purchase.
    @ bletebzz: Thanks:)
    I assume it depends on the companies that manage the mail order. Some have clothes with such minuscule sizes and weird cuts that wouldn't even fit my uncle's 12 year old, matchstick -body shaped daughter. Others have shapeless creations. Nelly and H&M however are quite the exceptions.

  6. Girl, if you were here i would have asked you to join me shopping and postpone the family engagements for another weekend:)) I hope to find smth nice because i'm tired of wearing the same things over and over myself.

  7. :)
    Hope you found some good stuff.

  8. Unfortunately, it didn't happen:(( However, i had a great time with some friends i hadn't seen in a while. I guess shopping it will be another time.