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16 July 2007

Boredom can be fought

...with loads and loads of shopping if you are a girl (or so they say).

THIS is my new trinket ...Back to work meant a splitting headache. Some colleagues say it's due to the electricity loaded clouds that are laying the ground for thunderstorms. The weather is lovely at the moment however and I can't make a connection between the sunny day and any thunderstorm,.
I mean what do I know, I'm no meteorologist, just a tired lass with a headache and a new toy.


  1. Shop therapy sounds like shock therapy... :)

    Come on, yllke, we all know you know better than that... :D

    So, back to work at last? Ouch! I use excedrine usually. Two pills. Works always like a charm..... :D

  2. hajde pune e mbare dhe fuqi paç lal!uroj te jesh me ne forme tani..

  3. dhe çfare ben kjo gjeja veç telefonit ?

  4. back to work! i'm sure you find it hard to get used after the long break, but you'll get used very soon!

    Happy 1st week of work:))

  5. @ Emigrant: It is shock therapy indeed, at least to the wallet :P

    Apparently it was thunderstorm in the air after all. It has just rained and I feel much better. Painkillers (even the simplest ones) are definite no-nos here. Same goes for antibiotics and such. The body has to react itself for a few days and if that doesn't work than you can maybe be allowed to take a pill or two.

    @ Eni: Faleminderit lal.

    @ Tena: ne fakt SGH-X830 eshte nje mp3 player me telefon. 1 megabit memorje, 1,3 megapixel kamera etj.
    Per me teper shih

    @ Belle: Thanks hon :)
    Work is quite nice actually it was the headache I couldn't stand. Besides, people here usually take a minimum of 5 vacation weeks in a row, thus my vacation does not even qualify as one :D

  6. Yes indeed, much better, no headache as the soothing raindrops roll down my windows...