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19 December 2007

You are not the boss of me

Are you coming along now - he asked.
I don't know- she said. Haven't made up my mind yet.
Well, I say that you should come- he said.

You are not the boss of me- she said. Rebel without a cause, trying to state the need of not being owned. The need of not being controlled, not being led by the hand and inchained with thousands of promises and unfulfilled hopes.

Come one now stop acting like a spoiled brat-he said.
I'm no brat -she said. If you promise to give me your love, share your happines and despair with me I might chose to follow- she said.
Faqja e fundit e librit u kthye. Kapaku u mbyll. "Po tani ??? Kush pret deri neser..."
- Eja , c'ben? U harrove!


  1. sometimes, we are so much afraid of being possessed...that's because we want to possess the other(s) and not simply love them...(më duket mua)

    Gjumë të ëmbël!