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11 January 2008

Of course

I was checking on the latest chitchat and action off our newest timeconsuming fad FB and got a request to find out "what element I am". Quite unsuprisingly I came out to be a "spirit" and these were the reasons:

"I am intelligent and rational. I like to consider all the outcome of what I do. I prefer to be happy and contented than confined to a material world. I am a good listener and am always available to help out anyone who needs it. I am rather predictable but I like to be. I am a good worker and am liked by all my friends."

Can't say anything other than I'm quite flattered they nailed my curvy ass (ehm spirit) with their description. Laters folk!


  1. Once in a while we like to be flattered, so why not??:))

    Have a great weekend!