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14 September 2008

On a brighter note: self quizzing

I call myself a geek or a nerd at times. Mainly to piss off a couple of dinosaurs at work that can't seem to wrap their head around the fact that one might want to sit in front of the computer in the evening even after doing that at work all day. "What can there be to do with a computer" they say. They wouldn't approach a computer at home even if their lives depended on it. They have "mastered" the minimal amount of strokes needed to make work work (mainly by printing out the information needed, reading it through, consulting other colleagues, handwriting down information with perfectly rounded o-s and ideally dotted i-s and than transferring it into the, at times misguided and erroneous, strokes needed in the computer).They are however at a loss if they have to send a group mail instead of replying to the sender. So after trying for the ump-tieth time to tell them that even their close vaulted secrets, on "how to maintain a perfectly groomed garden" or "how to store and serve a selection of aged whiskey", can be accessed with a couple of keyboard strokes, that there are "places to go and friends to meet online", that I can skim through the information and still "make dinner, do the dishes, watch the news (heck I've read about them before they made it to the TV-info or the next morning paper)", that I actually do go to the movies and go out with friends and relatives and that computers and online groups and plays are not a freaky monster but a practical way to keep in touch with others as well as entertaining your inner child, I've given up. So if the conversation starts sliding towards "what did you do yesterday evening" I'll let their feeble believes stand unchallenged (they are dinosaurs after all heading for extinction) and close with "well I'm a geek so I hanged around the internet" effectively killing the conversation and depriving them of the chance to elaborate on the cousin's aunt's daughter's newlyborn drooler, the "7 ways to clean a bathtub with all natural substances and no chemicals" (which by the way was a magazine article chopped from the internet) or the latest British drama that actually is a re-run shown a couple of months before at a time more appropriate to my B-attitude (late riser, late worker, later sleeper).

Anyhow, according to the following "test" I am indeed a stereotypical geek!
How'bout You?

Take the What High School Stereotype Are You? quiz.


  1. well , i do sympathize with you girl.people that despise internet , just care all the time about "real things" and treat it like a time-loosing machine, are too much boring and alas they are not understanding that they're skiping many online facilities.there is plenty of cool informative or fun stuff online,so why not enjoy it?
    thanks for this post hon.have a lovely week.

  2. Eni provoje dhe ti te shohim c'stereotipa te tjere ka quizi.

  3. njesoj qenkemi yllo;)