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25 October 2014

The best revenge is forgiveness they say...

The best revenge is to forget I retort.

Not that I  know. I guess I've made more choices which others need to either forgive or forget or get revenge about than the other way around. Which means bh the way that I should have some sort of revenge heading my way. Life is a bitch and all that. But I mean if people have wronged me what's to say they are even aware of it. I mean what good would it do to them of me if I forgave them things they don't even know they have caused. There's no learning curve in that.
So forgetting them altogether is a better option. That would however mean one would have to get off of the high horses and admit to being ordinary. Which most hurt people can't. So I guess for most people in their unfailable grandeur and uniqueness the generosity of forgiving will add to the self esteem and self appreciation and boast their morale. Me, if and when day comes that I need to get revenge I hope I will pay heed to my own advice and forget. After all I am just another commoner among others. 

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