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07 February 2015

Dikur zhgarravisja edhe anglisht. ... (3)

The return of a spirit (6 maj 1996)
Hold me tight till the morning comes
Hold me don't let me go
Let regrets fly through the endless sky
Away bitterness throw

If morning comes and finds me still
In your bed sleeping  (or more)
I'll never again need be sincere
With God or man or soul

If the last minutes spent with you
Will end as they begun
Remember as the last kiss'll happen
And there will be no more fun

So hold me tight now and forever
I'll never try to leave
A bit of life prepared in heaven
I'm stealing being a thieve

I stole a life, your heart and soul
Became human again
I know the love I spent around
Was not wasted in vain.

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