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20 January 2007

Make life easier ?!

The attached photo refers to a book I read some time ago. Written by Christer Westerlund and published by ME UNIVERSITY ( its original titel is "gör studierna enklare och förebered dig för livet i kunskapssamhället"- roughly translated "Make studying easier and prepare yourself for life in a knowledge based society".

I guess I resent the fact that I did not have this book while I was going through my university studies (when I kinda needed it the most). However if I stop to reflect about it I don't think I would have made the most of the book had I read it back then. I didn't want to know which the best way to learn things was at that time. I only wanted to LEARN as much as possible and get on with THE REAL LIFE, the one that awaits after the studies. Strategies for simplifying life were not what I had set out to get. I wanted (and I guess still do) the full rush of making up as you go.

They say that "forewarned is forearmed". Personally I think that if we knew what life had in store for us we would have never chosen to come out of the womb. Once out of the womb, having one strategy more or less to tackle life with, makes no difference to the blows life has to offer. It was Ainstain som said something of the effect " you can make things simpler until they are as simple as they can get and than you can simplify no more".

My punch line: "You can probably make studying easier/simpler but you can not make life any easier because than you probably wouldn't want it". Comments anyone ?

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  1. te jap te drejte Yllka.nese ne do te ishim kaq te ditur dhe te pergatitur dhe kaq te mrekullueshem per te perballuar sa me denjesisht:) jeten dhe budallalliqet e saj , mbase jeta vete do behej shume e merzitshme.
    pastaj ne jete te jeteve ma kane shpifur keto librat qe shiten keshtu si hape.Psh : si ta ndieni veten tuaj sa me mire , sekretet per suksesin ne pune , sekretet per sukses ne shoqeri and other sh... like that..they simply suck...