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24 February 2007

Sugar coating

I wonder: What is the point of sugarcoating things?
If people are smart enough to read between the lines they will hate us for pointing out the fallacies in their reasoning.
If they are quite smart they will pretend they did not understand what we meant and try to vindicate themselves some other time.
If they are stupid (or dull) the point will pass by them with no inherent win or lose for anyone. Ok. maybe we will feel better for not "directly" hurting someone's feelings but not quite good enough cause the real point never made its way "across".
We have to admit (in our heart of hearts) that we are judgmental, prejudiced, biased, know-it-all-ers. We don't have to admit (albeit it's a fact) that we might (pontentially) be wrong sometimes. So instead of facing the "music" and accepting the rights as rights and the wrongs as wrongs we go along and compromise with ourselves.

We say approximately what we meant to say but we "sugarcoat" it so that we can flatter ourselves for stearing clear of the conflict that might have arousen. We pretend that the ball is in the other' s court while we still have control of the situation. Nonsense.
Yes, we have survived a clash completely unscathed.
But to what purpose ?Is it only so that we become conscentious to having bartered with our principles and given them away for nothing.

Bottomline. Let's ban the sugar coating and the compromising. They ain't worth the pain they cause if our "self" has to pay the price.


P.S.: I know, I'm out of character since as a libra I have to be "diplomatic". Thank god for the fact that my "balance" has to be achieved so in the search for balance I am allowed to question my own motives as well as actions/reactions. Questioning good will and compromises is only the first step.
P.P.S.: You might notice the missmatch of the attached picture with the logic of my reasoning. It's actually not a missmatch. They have compromised to having a bit of what they want though not ALL they want. Furthermore, they are aware of having compromised (bartered with their own needs).

//Deinde scriptum


  1. Altin
    Man(n) ist was man(n) is(s)t

    a te thot gje kjo shprehje ne gjermanishte?

  2. tani s'te pelqej me - se sa isha bere gati te shkruaja dicka pikerisht si kjo! :(

  3. very cool idea dear..te mbeshtes deri ne maksimum:)vetem kam nje kundershtim te vockel.nuk jam me ata qe i zbukurojne gjerat per te mos thyer te tjeret , por as me ata qe e thojne te verteten ne menyre aq te trashe dhe te rendomte.kisha dikur nje shoqe qe sa here qe dikush tregonte ndonje gabim ose gafe te veten , thoshte pa pike takti : une nuk kam bere asnjehere gabime , ose i thoshte qortimet e saj aq pa takt saqe dhe personi me moskokeçares se e qortoi po nga trashesia e te folures.
    shqipo: sa e keqe eshte kur te iken ideja per duarsh he:) me duket se do ndeshemi perhere e me shume me nje fakt te tille se shyqyr Zotit tere blogistat ketu nuk vuajne nga origjinaliteti dhe begatia e mendimeve:)

  4. Jo nga qe kishe shkruar diçka ne gjermanisht ne ate foton ,mu kujtua kjo shprehja gjermane,nejse eshte poak e veshtir per ta shpjeguar me te shkruar