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22 June 2007

Ah the irony ...

The customer: I would like to purchase something expensive for my girlfriend. What perfume would you suggest ?

And while you are at it can I see some jewelery too, something fancy like earrings or the like.

The saleswoman after showing an assortment of different perfumes and closing the deal: Thank you for buying from us sir. Don't you want to purchase something similar for you wife ?

The customer: No, that won't be necessary.

The saleswoman: Oh, ok. Might I suggest you don't approach your wife smelling like that though.

The customer: Eh..No need.

The saleswoman : Really!!!
(in her head): What a jerk. What a pity for the unsuspecting soul married to him. If she catches him I really hope she has a field day.

Wrong assumptions mean wrong conclusions way off the charts.

Moral: If you have an engagement ring that looks like a wedding ring although you have never walked down the altar, you are sending mixed signals to the sales reps ;)

Baby you are a treat :)


  1. @ Eni: nuk e di sa arrita ta percjell gallaten, por kur ma tregoi une nuk pushova se qeshuri.

    @ Banago: Shyqyr qe i mbarove provimet o cun, qe te lexojme ca me teper shkrime nga ty :)

    @ Akull-naja: E shkreta shitese thuaj, do i kete ngelur mendja.

  2. @ E.T. Indeed. Vetem se ne fakt filmi tek blogu jot ishte akoma me gallate :)

  3. Eh, fatkeqesisht nuk i kam mbaruar akoma, po ja perpelitem te shkruaj ndonje gje edhe pse ma ben gerrrrr qe nuk shkruaj aq sa me shkruhet. Studente esapi.

    Megjithate nuk e dija qe te pelqenin shkrimet e mia. Me kete rast po shfrytezoj rastin te te pyes; çfare te pelqen tek shkrimet e mia?

  4. @ Banago: I'll let you know at your blog. :)