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10 June 2007

Detyra te veshtira

Duan frymezim maksimal ;)


  1. "Qellimi justifikon mjetet"
    ...Po mua me duket se, ky "mjeti" yt, te paska bere t'ja fusesh gjumit heret dje :)

    Gjithsesi, ta dish: pas gares do behet kontrolli antidoping :)))

  2. Just found your blog via Our Man in Tirana and have made a link to you on my blog. Yours looks very interesting and as my ALbanian improves I hope to be able to read it better!
    Cheers! Kim

  3. Une do kisha zgjedhur Ursus, shishja pak a shume te njejten forme ka ...

  4. shi shi, dhe mua qe s'jam pijedashese sikur ma beri me sy:)

  5. absolut rasberry, sounds good:))

  6. @ Edrus: Me shkrive :)))))
    Sa per gjumin perkundrazi ne kerkim te frymezimit njeriun nuk e ze gjumi fare. Nderkohe qe gara do te vonohet se frymezimi ka marre pushimet me duket ;)

    @ N.Ago: Pak bombe, me shume koktej :)

    @ Traveller One: Thank you for visiting :)

    I have been dropping by your blog in the past and will continue to do so.
    If you ever wonder about the meaning of any of the Albanian words and/or expressions you come across in this blog just ask and I'll be more than happy to answer. :))))))

    @ Redbonsai: Ursus nuk e kam provuar po po me ra rasti do ta provoj. :)

    @ Strangeman: :)

    @ Eni: Ti i pe vetem foton. Le te ndjeje eren e mjedres (lloj manaferre e vogel) do lije mendte :)

    @ Belle: It is!

  7. me tremb etiketa.
    jep pershtypjen e ndonji ilaçi .

  8. @ E.T.: Kaq kollaj trembesh ?