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29 June 2007

Perla muzikore

Yes! Lily was here ;)


  1. omg!! i love it! i remember when she came out in the '90s was such a big hit, at least in Albania.

    You rock Elais!!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Likewise Belle :)
    E.T. Po ben vertet progres me suedishten! Gratulerar :)

  3. Iiiii! Sa yyyy kohe pa e degjuar... Rrofsh Elais, shume e bukur! Vajta back in time... Te djele te kendshme!

  4. Edhe une kisha kohe pa e degjuar, ndaj po e degjoj sa me shume qe te jete e mundur tani qe e gjeta.

    Te djele magjike te deshiroj edhe ty :)