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27 June 2007

TV-shop hour

I have to get this chip off my shoulder.

I admit I usually sleep late (or early depending on your definition). It's always past midnight and almost always closer to 3 than 1 o 'clock.

I am amused at some people, some of my colleagues at work for instance, that wake up at 4 every day and go to work at 5. They don't have a work that requires those hours. They say they do it so they can get as much time as possible at home with their loved ones. After all they can be home by 14.

I don't believe they get any more "family" time though. I mean, going up at 4 signifies you have to go to sleep at about 20:30 every average day. I might agree, perhaps, there was some point with getting up early and going home early if you had small children, with the daily routines and all. However, having a dog that needs his daily walks does not qualify as having children. Neither does having any pets qualify as having a family either, but thats' a completely different story.

Then, there are those that wake up at 5, waste two hours watching the news or rather TV-shop since there is not much news going on at that time, and than come to work priding themselves at being "early birds" with very productive morning routines. Please...
I have more productive sleeping routines. Yes, I am counting breathing as productive, or at least same productivity level as watching TV-shop.

How come I started on this note.
Well I got reminded of it since I am on vacation. That "per se" means I can be awake even later than usual. Besides, mating with a-not-yet-on-vacation partner, due south and back within the day for a business trip, means trying to go to sleep early and waking up for TV-shop. Which also means that amazing burst of productivity at dusk had to be suffocated in the hopes of being re-channeled while awake. Unfortunately, dust buster, hot steam, Shark trademark one-time-every-10- minutes- for- the- rest-of-your-life-or-until-the-product-can't-sell-at-all offers out of TV-shop wiped out all hopes of a productive morning. Plus, I have forgotten all of the fantastic ideas I was mulling about last night. Darn NREM-sleep for luring a heap of ideas on me and REM for wiping them clean.

More coffee is needed.


  1. And no coffee didn't help.
    Let's see if reading and some sun will.

  2. Breathing is definitely more important than TV-shop so it should be counted...:D
    I don't understand how you can go to sleep after 1 and be awake at 5.30. No wonder the coffee doesn't help.

  3. sleep, oh beloved,

    Edhe une si ty fle. Oret me produktive i kam mbas ores 1 te nates. 3shi me kap pothuajse perdite zgjuar. E ke thene vete ti, ne jemi per te shoqata e tipave B.

    Te pershendes!

  4. "early birds" - just to watch tv, pathetic!!!

  5. Definitely, eshte per te bere nje klub te vertete: njerez qe flejne barkas dhe ne 3 te nates.:))Une terbohem fare po pata nja dy dite pushim, dhe e kaloj me shume dhimbje javen pasuese... :s

    Mbremje t'vizllushme!

    p.s. Sa per ata zogjte e mengjesit, eshte nje tmerr i vertete t'i kesh ne shoqeri, se mund te te ngrene te shtunen ne 8 te mengjesit per te bere sport. Pahh...!!! :P

  6. @ lily: the coffee would make me remember the "brilliant" thoughts.
    I guess i'll even the score tonight and sleep until midday tomorrow instead :)

    @ Strangeman: Yepp. Go B-team.

    @ Belle: arent'tm hey pathetic indeed.

    @ Akull: sport ne mengjes edhe behet por ABSOLUTISHT JO te shtunen. E shtuna eshte dite pushimi edhe nga sportet. E shumta nje shetitje pas dreke.

  7. he he more coffe needed:)) you`re so funny girl:))
    ma shpifen ata zogjte e hershem..rrofte gjumi dhe gjumashet!:)

  8. Amen!
    Rrofshin plazhistet dhe pushuesit gjithashtu :)