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02 January 2008

Goodbyes 1

She looked at herself in the mirror. The short ashblond page fit her like a glove covering her steep forehead. It had taken years to persuade her mother to let her change her style and hair color. And she wasn't even a momma's girl. Yuck. But now it was all well and good. She had at least crossed off one of the things on her "to do" list of promises and wishes to herself. She looked "mighty fine ma(da)m." as her management proffessor would have said. Scary picture that one. The autorithative professor with his "know it all" atitude and the neverending pun. She had wanted to challenge and put herself in the crossfire of his retorts more than once. It didn't go well. Not well at all.

Shaking her head she started applying the faintest layer of makeup. After all she was aiming for the bare "natural" look. Only gloss on the colourles lips. Sand coloured creampowder and no rouge made her even more colorless. Plain black/brown businesswear with low quadratic heels on the dark mocca shoes. The only perk a red ribbon around her neck holding her id-cards with the black and white picture of her. Of course her dark brown eyes could not be played down though. Neither could her firm handshake (despite the semi-long very feminine "ethereal"-coloured nails. Or was it "sparkling candy" she'd used this time. She didn't remember. It was very very very feminine anyhows). Aiming for the non threatening look, aiming for "The wallflower" position for the time being she wanted not to be noticed. She needed to bid her time. The day was about to start.

She made her way through the house with minimal noise. Supposedly just a side effect of her new "self". Started the engine effortlessly as she'd done all the other days. She never thought about how she did it. Intuitively would have been the right word to use most likely. Driving along as every other morning she was puzzled at the feeling she had had all morning. As if she was weighing every action as if she was seeing everything in retrospect and catalogising every move she made, every thought she had. Weird. Thinking of people she'd never bothered even consider.

The red car ahead of her made a sudden stop. She didn't have time to react.
The light beaconed.


  1. Elais, bukur! Just check it over one more time cuz there few mistakes in the writing, e.g. challenge, made, weighing. Overall was good. I want to read the 2nd part.


  2. e lexova me kenaqesi Elais.po pres te dyten shoqe..
    me kishte marre malli per shkrimet e tua.

  3. @ Belle: Yes you are right. Just wrote it off the top of my head and never looked back. I'll try and read it through (as well as make the corrections). Thanks for pointing some of them out to me.


    @ Eni: The second (and the others to come, if and when I get the balls and nerve for them) will be a "non sequitur" goodbye. I guess some blues hits us all and we have to let go of it in one way or the other.

    Catch you later on FB!