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05 February 2008

A bit of history on vacation

Yes you read correctly. I'm on vacation. Just for the fun of it. Shopping and walking about some Swedish immigrants related sites in Minnessota. And I brought the sun with me as well. No more subzero F temperatures this week (I've been told it was quite freezing the previous 2 weeks).

Sunday for instance was perfect. Brunch at the Dock Kafe in Stillwater. Historic cruising and picture taking (sorry the pics are private and won't be published).

All followed up by a Superbowl watching barbecue party to die for. Yeah and I did put some money on the losing team (wanted to play it safe and all).

Keep it cool boys and girls and I'll be back online soon enough.


  1. Ja kalofsh mire :D Dhe diellin gjithandej me vete ishalla :)

  2. Bej qejf e dashur! Pushimet ne mes te dimrit jane te nevojshme sidomos kur shoqerohen me diell:))

  3. Shijoji sa me shume keto pushime e mos mendo asgje :)

  4. Pushimet, shijohen dyfish, kur je dhe çift i ri!
    Kalofsh këndshëm!!!

  5. glad im in the south, its 65 degres today. nice blog. Check me out one day when u can and do add me to your blog roll..some samples

    he has a Coretta.

  6. @ krasta: Rrofsh!
    @ Belle: Nuk e dija sa me nevojitej pushimi. Tani qe mbaroi sikur po e kuptoj.
    @ Majla: I wish I could be all that "ZEN" like and not be able to think anything just relax and enjoy. Unfortunately I have to overthink everything until it becomes messy if it was clear or clears up if it was messy :P
    @ En: Thanks hon!
    @ N.Ago: Shijohen dyfish kur te dy jane me pushime, kur njera pjese punon shijohen pergjysem :P
    "Cift i ri" eshte realisht kompliment kur cifti i ka kaluar x+3 vite :)
    @ Torrance: Thanks for dropping by man! :)
    I'll check your blog out soon I believe.

  7. Hë mi, u ktheve apo të mbajtën në aeroport për dyshime terrorizmi?

  8. U ketheva u ketheva!
    Ne fakt thashe se s'do me linin te hynja fare po me lane dhe te hynj dhe te dal. Me vune nje gjobe se kisha njeren valixhe mbipeshe (way too many books) po hajt mo belara qe kalohen. ;)

  9. Hajt mirëseukëtheve pra, se gjobat ne i hajmë me buk!